As the nonprofit partner and driver behind the Keeping Up with the Joneses campaign, mpowered provides content, resources, and services to the general public on how to manage personal finances, and plan for the future by setting and implementing realistic goals.

“Having been in the financial coaching arena for nearly two decades, we have seen first-hand how living paycheck to paycheck and not properly saving for a rainy day can have major, long-term impacts on just about anyone. It is our hope to not only start a public conversation around money management and financial education in Colorado, but to remove the shame and stigma people feel surrounding their finances. We also hope Keeping Up will show what an average American family is doing with regard to money management, and what helpful resources are available to make this process easier.”

 – Chad Gentry, Executive Director of mpowered

About mpowered

mpowered is the only Colorado-based nonprofit resource for individuals and families in Colorado who want to learn about money management and participate in coaching to achieve their personal definition of financial success. Since 2002, mpowered has provided affordable programs to help more than 45,000 people from all demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds make informed financial choices. With service providing locations across metro Denver, mpowered is a leader in financial education and champions financial stability as one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at